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Grimes Water Softener Expert Reveals Hard Water Facts Everyone Needs to Know

Considering the human body is 75 percent water, it makes good sense to be concerned with the quality of drinking water

Grimes IA -- The Grimes Water Softener expert has posted educational information to his website to make consumers aware of the importance of good drinking water. The site explains the three basic types of water which are service grade for watering the lawn, working grade for washing machines and dishwashers, and drinking water. The human body is 75% water, so the quality of drinking water is very important.

According to the local water softener expert common indicators of hard water are scale accumulation on plumbing fixtures, soap deposits on dishes and fabrics, hard water scale in the water heater and soap scum rings in sinks and bathtubs. Hard water reduces the efficiency of soap, shampoo and detergents and causes damage to plumbing and appliances.

Water becomes hard as it passes through the atmosphere in the form of rain, snow, hail or fog and picks up impurities and gases. Because water is the universal solvent, it picks up even more impurities as it travels through the earth as ground water. A water softener installed by Iowa Soft Water (http://www.watersoftenergrimesia.com/) will eliminate the impurities and prevent problems caused by hard water.

Consumers can learn the hard water facts and more valuable information on the Iowa Water Softener website. Find out more about improving water quality with water conditioning products like a water softener, reverse osmosis system and a variety of water treatment products installed by Iowa Soft Water.

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